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Mountain lodge "Čarapićev Brest" was buit in 1950 under the initiative and leadership of Petar Kostic, professor of medical school, the founder and first president of Mountaineering-skiing society Avala in Belgrade.
First time lodge was opened to visitors after 4 years, on 11th of July 1954. year.

The entire complex is suitable for multi-day stays while practicing many sports and trips to the top of Avala and the surrounding area.

Near the lodge there are two monuments dedicated to Vasa Čarapić, duke of Karadjordje. One is in bronze, next to a small house made by sculptor Dušan Nikolićand the other , not far from "Čarapićev Brest " lodge, carved in wood  with scenes from the first Serbian uprising, work of the sculptor Bogosav Zivkovic.

On the place of this monument, twenty years ago there used to be the last of six elmunderwhich the duke Vasa Čarapić gathered people and invited them to revolt against the Turks.

After near total devastation in '90, Mountain Lodge was completely renovated and opened for visitors and guests in 2003.


Čarapićev Brest

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